Gum disease is an ever-present reality in our world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that half of all Americans suffer from one form of the condition, and the problem is just as bad world-wide. With a condition that is so rampant, are there really any effective options for patients? Dr. Randy Greenberg answers a resounding “Yes!” Using a new procedure, the doctor treats moderate to severe periodontal disease in many patients using the LANAP® protocol.

Protocol Details

The LANAP® protocol is a laser-based gum disease treatment that can be used to target and destroy infected tissue within periodontal pockets. These pockets of infection form along the gum line when the disease progresses to its more severe form, periodontitis. To treat the infection, Dr. Greenberg cleans out the periodontal pockets using a laser that is specially calibrated to target only diseased flesh and bacteria. Then he clears away and calculus that he finds below the gum line. Once the pockets are clear of infection and calculus, the doctor uses the laser to create a blood clot that seals the pocket against infection and helps it to heal.

Advantages of Treatment Using the LANAP® Protocol

The procedure may sound simple, but it is highly effective at treating gum disease. It also has significant advantages over other treatments. This includes the following:

• Minimal blood loss
• Fast recovery period of less than 24 hours
• Reduced chances of developing gum recession
• May help save natural teeth by stimulating bone regeneration
• No scalpel or stitches required, so pain is minimal

Patients who undergo LANAP® in Wallingford, North Haven, Meriden, Hamden, and Durham, CT must first undergo evaluation with x-rays and other advanced imaging to determine their eligibility. However, the procedure has no contraindications, so even those with advanced diseases like diabetes and hemophilia may qualify.

Periodontal disease can be as damaging to the mind as it is to the body. If you are tired of dealing with your periodontal disease by yourself, contact Dr. Greenberg at (203) 303-7073 to schedule an appointment today.