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Consultation for Dental Implant in Wallingford, CT | Dr. Greenberg Implant Dentistry

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Dental Implant Consultation

Implant Dentistry in Wallingford – Overview

Studies show that 70 percent of Americans will be missing at least one tooth by the time they are age 44. Even though it may seem common and not too serious, tooth loss can lead to much worse oral health issues. Since our mouths are directly connected to our bloodstream, which is connected to the rest of our body, oral health issues can drastically affect overall health.

Implant dentistry is a proven and preferred method of tooth replacement that can last a lifetime. Dental implants do not rely on the surrounding teeth, so they can be applied individually. They can also be used as anchors for partials, bridges, or even full dentures.

For dental implants in Wallingford, contact Dr. Randy J. Greenberg today to schedule your in depth consultation.

Implant Dentistry – Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Greenberg will review your overall health, oral hygiene habits, and lifestyle habits. Also, you will be given a thorough examination that will include the assessment of your teeth, gums, and bone density. If there is not enough bone to support implants, a procedure known as bone grafting will likely be recommended. In addition, x-rays or scans may be used to view proper placement for the implants.

Once the examination is complete, Dr. Greenberg will present your best options for treatment.

Implant Dentistry Benefits

Dental implant procedures are investments that will pay off with an increased quality of life by improving the overall look and feel of your smile, its functionality, and your general comfort. Most of all, you will have a drastic improvement in your short term and long term oral health. Additional benefits include:

• Greater ability to eat even hard to chew foods
• Possible ability to speak more clearly
• Improved oral strength
• Decrease in sore jaw, neck, and/or headaches

Replacing missing teeth is extremely important to your oral health, and implant dentistry may be the ideal solution for you. To learn more about dental implants in Wallingford, contact the office of Dr. Greenberg today.

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