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Periodontal Plastic Surgery | Dr. Greenberg - Dentist in Wallingford, CT

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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

What is Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Wallingford, CT?

Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Wallingford, CT Periodontal plastic surgery procedures collectively involve treatments utilized to restore form and function to gum tissue and bone. There are also cosmetic options available to improve the health and appearance of the smile.

The ultimate goal of periodontal surgery is to increase the lifetime of the treated teeth, as well as to improve their functionality and esthetics, and periodontal plastic surgery can certainly aid is this objective.. Dr. Randy J. Greenberg, dentist in Wallingford, provides various periodontal surgery treatment types.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Millions of Americans have some level of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. This disease is caused by certain types of bacteria that live within the plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth.. Gum disease is determined to be chronic once it has caused permanent bone damage and destruction of gum tissue.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery — Treatment Types

Dr. Greenberg may recommend the following treatments for periodontal plastic surgery depending on your needs:

• Surgical therapy refers to the treatment of soft and hard tissue. A common soft tissue procedure for this is gum grafting, which can also be utilized for the cosmetic lengthening of the gums when recession has occurred.
• Esthetic crown lengthening refers to the removal of excess gum tissue to improve the appearance and health of one or more areas.
• Functional crown lengthening enables the treatment of breakage or decay of teeth that has occurred below the gum line. By removing a small amount of tissue and bone, we are able to allow for the placement of a restoration that can repair the damage.
• Ridge augmentation corrects indentations in the gum line and jaw bone, typically caused from tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease Prevention

Our mouths are directly connected to the rest of our bodies by our bloodstream, so it is therefore very important to maintain healthy, daily dental practices at home, and to schedule regular dental cleanings and exams. Diligence, proper hygiene, regular dental visits, and even the elimination of poor lifestyle habits such as smoking are the best preventative measures against acquiring periodontal disease.

Periodontal plastic surgery may be recommended in a number of situations to improve the function and appearance of your smile. To discuss your options for periodontal surgery, contact Dr. Greenberg, dentist in Wallingford.