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Gum Disease Dangers in Wallingford, CT - Periodontal Gum Disease | Dr. Randy J. Greenberg

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Gum Disease Dangers

Dangers of Gum Disease in Wallingford, CT

Dangers of Gum Disease Wallingford, CTThere are millions of germs that live in your mouth. If you suffer from gum disease, you have open wounds in your gums that allow the bacteria to enter directly into your blood stream and circulate throughout your body. Some of the bacteria normally found in the mouth enter your bloodstream through infected gums and can relocate to other parts of your body with the potential of creating disease in organs and systems.

Much research is being done to investigate if a definitive link exists between periodontal disease and other systemic illnesses. Many of the results are inconclusive; however, research has shown some links between periodontal disease and heart disease, ischemic stroke, respiratory disease, head and neck cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and increased risk of pre-term delivery.

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for the majority of adults in the United States. Losing your teeth, however, is not the only danger of this disease.


When you have gum disease, there is an active, living infection in your mouth. This infection releases toxins to the entire body through the blood vessels in your mouth causing a variety of health-related issues.

Laser Periodontal Therapy can treat your gum disease without the cutting, stitching, root exposure, cold sensitivity or the many expensive dentist visits associated with "cut and stitch" gum surgery.

What Dr. Greenberg Provides

"For 30+ years as a dentist, I have seen how tartar, plaque and poor dental hygiene have progressively led to bacteria-infected gums, loose teeth, loss of bone in the mouth and serious health risks. For years, "cut and stitch" surgery has been the only option—and a potentially painful one. Now, you have a less painful, less costly treatment option."

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