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Bleeding Gums - Dentist in Wallingford, CT | Dr. Randy J. Greenberg

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Bleeding Gums

Why Are My Gums Bleeding in Wallingford, CT?

A Happy Couple in Wallingford, CTIf your gums are bleeding, it is very possible that you have periodontal disease, which must be addressed immediately. Our gums are directly connected to the rest of our bodies via our bloodstream, which allows infections like periodontal disease to have direct access to the rest of our body. This means that oral health has a direct effect on overall health. If you have bleeding gums, contact the office of Dr. Randy J. Greenberg, dentist in Wallingford.

Additional gum disease symptoms include:

bad breath
receding gums
loose teeth
• swollen or red gums

Additional reasons for bleeding gums:

• Pregnancy: The increase of hormones during pregnancy can make the gums tender and more likely to bleed.
• Blood thinning medication: These medications, like aspirin, birth control pills, and high blood pressure medications, make gums more susceptible to bleeding. Poor oral hygiene can cause gums to become inflamed and bleed more easily.
• Bleeding or clotting disorders can cause the gums to bleed more easily and should be closely monitored.

Treatment Options for Bleeding Gums

Some treatment options may include:

Scaling and root planing therapy
• Locally administered antibiotics
Laser periodontal surgery
Periodontal maintenance program

Tips to Stop Bleeding Gums

If you have bleeding gums, it is very important that you notify Dr. Greenberg as soon as possible so that you can be checked for periodontal disease or any other underlying issues.

• Use a soft or electric toothbrush at least twice a day and floss under the gums on a daily basis.
• Use an antibacterial mouth rinse.
• Rinse with warm salt water if the gums are inflamed and bleeding..
• Control bleeding by applying pressure to the area, with a cold compress if available.

Tips to Prevent Bleeding Gums

• Be diligent about your home dental care.
• Attend regular dental visits, at least twice per year.
• Clear debris from your gum line.
• If you have dentures, have them aligned properly.
• Do not use tobacco products.
• Eat a balanced diet.

Bleeding gums may be common, but are never normal. If you have bleeding gums, contact the office of Dr. Greenberg, dentist in Wallingford.