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Dental Implant Teeth Surgery in Wallingford, CT | Dr. Randy J. Greenberg

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Teeth Surgery

Implant Dentistry 101 in Wallingford

Dental Implant Surgery

Implant dentistry is a popular permanent, long term solution for tooth replacement and has been practiced for over 20 years. Dental implants can be placed individually or can be used to anchor bridges, partials, or full dentures.

To discuss your options for dental implants in Wallingford, contact our team today.

Before the Procedure

Before the procedure, patients must schedule a consultation with Dr. Randy J. Greenberg. The consultation will include a thorough examination to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for implant dentistry. Dr. Greenberg will also review your treatment options, such as implant supported dentures and the All-on-4™ procedure.

To learn more about what to expect during your implant dentistry consultation, visit our dental implants consultation page, here.

A Step by Step of the Procedure

To first understand the implant dentistry procedure, it is important to know what dental implants are made up of. The three equal parts of a dental implant include:

• Titanium implant
• Abutment
• Dental crown

Step #1: A titanium dental implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone.

Step #2: An abutment is the connector piece that is placed over the exposed part of the implant, just above the gum line.

Step #3: A dental crown is then fit over the abutment.

Implant Dentistry Benefits

• Comfortable dental prosthetic option
• Ability to eat even hard to chew foods
• Possible speech improvement
• Restored tooth function and usability
• Improved oral strength
• Enhanced esthetics
• Improvement of short term and long term oral health

Dental Implant Care

It is important that you take proper care of your dental implants so that they can last a lifetime. The three most important factors are:

1. Attending regular dental visits, at least twice per year, for professional cleanings and examinations.
2. Maintaining a thorough, daily, home care regimen.
3. Do not smoke! Smoking easily breaks down gum tissue and can destroy the structures that support your dental implants.

If you are missing teeth, you may be a candidate for implant dentistry. To learn more about dental implants in Wallingford, contact the office of Dr. Greenberg.