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Cost of Dental Implant in Wallingford, CT | Dr. Greenberg Implant Dentistry

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Dental Implant Cost

The Cost of Dental Implants in Wallingford, CT

Implant dentistry is a modern dental advancement that provides the ability to replace missing teeth with the closest replication of natural teeth. Dental implants provide a long term solution to a significant problem that affects many Americans, and can be used to replace anywhere from a single missing tooth to an entire mouth. Dr. Randy J. Greenberg can provide you with an accurate cost estimate of the implant dentistry procedure that is right for you.

To discuss your options for dental implants in Wallingford, we welcome you to contact us today.

How Do I Know if I am a Good Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Before any dental implant procedures, we will have you schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenberg. These are a few key items that will be examined during the consultation:

• General oral and overall health
• Gum condition
• Amount of bone (to support implants)
• Lifestyle habits, such as tobacco use

What Affects the Cost of Implant Dentistry?

Unfortunately, in many cases, implant dentistry is not covered under insurance, though coverage under you medical plan may be possible. Dr. Greenberg works with many insurance providers and offers payment options to help obtain the very best treatment options available that provide long term comfort, confidence, and a better quality life.

There are many factors that can affect the cost of implant dentistry, some of which are:

• The amount of teeth involved is a major factor. Of course, the more teeth to treat, the higher the cost.
• There are a handful of different dental implant procedures available, each having a varying price.
• If you are in need of extractions, that may incur an additional cost.
• Sinus lifts will increase the procedure cost.
• The existence, and therefore necessary treatment, of periodontal disease will raise the price.
• If there is bone lose, the severity will be a big determinate in the need of an additional procedure, such as bone grafting, which will be billed separately.

When teeth are lost, the remaining teeth tend to drift and shift in an attempt to close empty spaces, creating the potential for negative consequences on our oral and general health. To learn more about dental implants in Wallingford, contact the office of Dr. Greenberg.